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Created Sonntag 04 Januar 2015

Kenny Barron Voicings:

:IIm7: d(-a)-c-f-c-d-e
:V7: g-a(-h)-f-a-h-d

Quote from Jazz+ in an earlier post
"I also like that Kenny Barron Style walking bass ( 1 5 8 Chromatic Approach Note)( 1 5 8 5 9 b9 8 Chromatic Aproach Note) and do it on acoustic rather than step wise walking wiich sounds better on Rhodes."
by rc on 05/30/2006, 17:32 LJP Like
Yeah, I think thats right, dalty.
Stacked 5ths either a minor 2nd or whole step apart.
For minor chord, its a minor 2nd apart
D, A, E F, C, G.

For a major chord, its a whole step apart
D, A, E F#, C#, G#
that gives you a #11.
I use these voicings as a kind of intro vamp to Nardis.

In the Luke Gillespie book, he gives a 2-5-1 progression.
D minor: D, A, E, F, C, G
G7 : G, E, F, B, G
C Maj#11: C, G, D, E, B, F#.

Hancock c g es f b d